MapTools Terms of Service

By using MapTools services, you are agreeing to these terms. Please read them carefully.

Our services are under development, so sometimes additional terms will be added, and these terms will become part of your agreement.

Basic Terms

1. You must create your account with accurate information.

2. You are responsible for keeping your password secure.

3. You retain the ownership of data uploaded to MapTools services.

4. You may not use MapTools services for any illegal or unauthorized purpose.

5. You may not upload inappropriate, unethical, or immoral data.

6. You must respect rights of publicity and privacy of those captured in data uploaded to MapTools services.

Privacy Policy

1. We keep your account information securely.

2. We will not publish image data, if any, uploaded to MapTools services but may share them with third parties for the purpose of research and education.

3. We may use data uploaded to MapTools services to improve our products and services.

4. We will remove the corresponding data uploaded to MapTools services immediately when we receive a claim on a violation of personality rights.

Contents on the Services

1. MapTools services are limited to development of 3D mapping.

2. The use of MapTools services is at your own risk.

3. The use of results of MapTools services is at your own risk.

4. ADAS Map is a trademark or a registered trademark of Aisan Technoligy Co., Ltd.

5. Ownership of Copyright in the output of VectorMapper ("ADAS Map") belongs to Aisan Technology Co., Ltd. and reverse engineering of ADAS Map is prohibited.